20th Street Extra Pale Ale

This extra pale ale is amber in color and well-balanced with a sweet caramel big hop flavor. Dry hopped with Citra for that killer aroma making this brew the original 20th Street Rocker!

The 20th Street Extra Pale Ale is a personal favorite developed in my garage in 2009. I was looking for something bold in flavor with a killer aroma. The base brew was terrific but didn’t have the aroma I was looking for until I came across a relatively new (at the time) hop variety called Citra. I was hooked!

I took the advice of a friend and entered it in the 2010 Orange County Fair (my first competition) and was blessed with a First Place Blue Ribbon. A few months later it brought us home with the People’s Choice Award for Best Microbrew in Huntington Beach at the 10th Annual Art of the Brew!

This brew truly captures our revelry and love for our family, friends, and community. This is Our beer!

Broda Barley Wine

Broda – the older, wiser bro who’s always teaching younger bros the way.

Broda Barley Wine is a strong ale with earthy aromas and intensely sweet flavors balanced with hops for a dry bitter finish. Respect your Broda!

Dawn Patrol Stout

“Dawn Patrol” refers to a surfer’s arrival to the beach at or just before sunrise.

Dawn Patrol Stout is brewed with Coffee, Oatmeal, and Dark Rock Candi to set the mood after an early sesh.

I set out to create a breakfast stout that would entice anyone who normally doesn’t reach for a dark beer. I developed this brew to be easy to drink and full of flavor but not too heavy or filling. I also want to get rid of that lame saying “…it’s noon / five o’clock somewhere!”

Dawn Patrol Milk Stout

Similar to the original DP, this brew has the addition of Lactose sugar, found in milk, which gives this beer a sweeter creamy finish.

Good Fun Blonde

Fun is OK, but Good Fun…

This honey blonde ale has a rich and breadlike palate, brewed with a touch of local honey to create a slightly sweet-tart finish and dry hopped with Palisade hops for that captive aroma.

Ison Lyke Saison

Ison Lyke (pronounced is-on like) Saison is a Farmhouse Ale with subtle malt flavors to bring out the orange peel and grains of paradise with pronounced bittering from cinnamon. The Belgian yeast completes this brew with a spicy aroma and dry finish.

Locals IPA

Mo Nilla Porter

Mo Nilla is a vanilla porter crafted with real vanilla beans for a massive vanilla nose/taste and hints of honey behind a malty finish both creamy and smooth.

Originally this recipe was developed and called Lil Nilla, but the aroma and flavors just didn’t come through the way we wanted so we added more and hence the name. Mo fo sho!

stOAKED Mo Nilla

The same Mo Nilla Porter crafted with real vanilla beans for a massive vanilla nose/taste but this time I added Bourbon soaked French Oak Chips taking this brew to another level. stOAKED fo sho!

Sunset Rye

The Sunset Rye is a deep orange hearty rye with spicy / grapefruit bitterness, local honey, and brown sugar for a balanced and refreshing festive craft brew to romp about in a happy, carefree way.